Tom Collins’ World Wide Web Log was prepared for him by his many admirers, who begged him for years to start a blog.  He finally relented, and you are the ultimate beneficiary.

This blog is configured so that readers cannot post comments on Tom’s articles.  He’s way beyond that, and this Web site is not for display of your clever replies, insightful reviews, blistering ripostes, thundering retorts, humorous japes, convoluted counterpoints, snarky comebacks, random blathering; or protracted bouts of petty squabbling and insults among yourselves that spawn interminable threads which inevitably terminate according to Godwin’s Law.  There are plenty of other blogs where you can do those things; go to them if you must.

Instead, we respectfully suggest that you read Tom’s posts and realize that you are, at last, being told the truth about what happens in the Corridors of Power, in the key Committees of Congress, in the World Capitals of Influence, in the Back Rooms of the White House, in the International Financial Markets, in the Executive Suites of Industry, in the Bunkers of the Pentagon, in the Ivory Towers of Intellect and, best of all, Inside the Beltway.

 — The Friends of Tom Collins