Captain Snerd and the Mystery of the Brethren’s Temple

Yesterday was Friday the 13th, or perhaps I should say, another occurrence of Friday the 13th, since they inevitably happen once or twice every year. The most common explanation for the day’s reputation as unlucky involves Philip IV of France and the Order of the Knights Templar. King Philip was an egotistical, bumbling incompetent ignoramus… Continue reading Captain Snerd and the Mystery of the Brethren’s Temple

Hashtag #Batty Billionaire’s New Toy

My home landline telephone number is not widely known. Generally, it gets passed around very judiciously among certain members of Washington’s insider elites, accompanied by advice that calling my office is considered decidedly more preferable. Members of my immediate family have it too, however, and very occasionally, I receive a call from somebody they know.… Continue reading Hashtag #Batty Billionaire’s New Toy

A Modest Proposal

This morning, my ten o’clock consultation was with Morton Thiazide, Public Relations, Outreach and Communications Director at the Democratic National Committee. To say he presented a glum aspect upon ensconcing himself on the couch in front of the picture window overlooking the White House in my office would be a distinct understatement. “Tom,” he opened,… Continue reading A Modest Proposal

The Boy Who Lied Wolf

As frequent readers of this Web log know, my birthday is on April 1. Although a lot of people regularly take their birthday off from work, I have only done that a couple of times, and last Friday wasn’t one of them – I was way too busy, with consultations booked starting at 7:30 in… Continue reading The Boy Who Lied Wolf

End of World May be Less Imminent than Many Believe

Spring started today with the vernal equinox at 11:33 AM. But with temperatures in the sixties (Fahrenheit, of course) it was still a bit too cool for Cerise and I to enjoy our duck eggs Benedict with artisanal apple wood smoked Canadian bacon in goat butter hollandaise with Dom Perignon blood orange mimosas and Kona… Continue reading End of World May be Less Imminent than Many Believe