May 242021

There are about three weeks in the summer and three weeks in the fall where the weather in Washington DC is comparable to the best anywhere. The rest of the year is dicey, to say the least – the difference, for example, between Hell and Washington DC in the summer is primarily that Hell has dry heat; and depending on the vicissitudes of the Gulf Stream and the Jet Stream, winter days can be as brutally cold as New England or dangerous, nasty affairs involving freezing rain and horrendous ice storms. So we here in the National Capital area make the most of it when the weather is as it was the last few days – balmy, breezy, sunny and […]

Apr 262021

Finally, everyone in the United States is eligible for an injection of a vaccine that provides immunity to the Covid-19 coronavirus – immunity, at least, to Original Formula Covid, anyway. The California Silicon Valley of Death, British B117 Bomber, Brazilian Bikini Brain Waxer, South African Flaming Lung Necklace, Texas Brazos Big Boy High Contagion, Indian Triple Play Mutant, and Who Knows Whats Coming Next Week strains, all of which have arisen (or will arise) from continuing mass stupidity and recklessness notwithstanding, getting the shot is still the best thing 99.999% of us can do for ourselves. And that’s exactly what Cerise and I did. This being the Washington DC metropolitan area we live in, there’s no shortage of medical facilities […]

Mar 282021

The seventh day of spring here in Washington looked glorious – and at sixty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, it certainly felt that way, too. Arising around ten at my home in Great Falls, Virginia, Cerise and I took a late brunch of fresh fruit crepes, mesclun and charcuterie indoors and then ensconced ourselves on the backyard deck to enjoy piping hot Redbreast 21 Irish coffees and read the Sunday papers. Yes, that’s right – newspapers – the Washington Post and the New York Times, to be exact. There are still some people who read newspapers, and on a day like that, under the blazing bright sun, gentle breezes playing with the edges of the pages, as a change of pace it’s an […]

Feb 152021

Last Saturday, as I inevitably predicted in my previous post, forty-three Republican senators voted to acquit former president Donald John Trump of inciting the January 6 insurrection against the United States of America. Their motivations ranged from a jurisdictional argument, espoused after the trial by Senate Minority Leader and Obama-hating Kentucky redneck Mitch McConnell, which held that according to a convoluted hermeneutic analysis of the Constitution, Trump could not be tried by the Senate for his high crimes and misdemeanors after leaving his office as President, despite having been impeached by the House while still there; to the Chuck-You-Farley attitude of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, an unabashed social Darwinist, who evidently wishes that Trump had, in fact, taken over the […]

Jan 252021

On January 6, 2021, the United States of America shocked and amazed many idealistic people everywhere by suddenly appearing to be revealed as nothing more than a very large banana republic, afflicted with its very own star-spangled version of Juan Perón, braying and boasting, exhorting his followers to overthrow the national government and proclaim him Fearless Leader and Dictator for Life. Fortunately, Lady Luck intervened, saving Dame Liberty, if not from rape, at least from a protracted, brutal and sloppy gang-bang that violated her ever orifice, at the hands of a mob comprising a cross-section of the demented, the misguided, the ignorant, the moronic and the hopelessly bigoted segment of American society that call themselves the supporters of Donald John […]