Monkeyshines, Monkey Business and Monkeypox

The Willard Hotel has been a fixture here in Washington DC since 1847, when a fellow named Henry Willard took over a row of boarding houses located next to the White House grounds. Prior to that, even, and probably due to their proximity to the White House and what was, at the time, the State… Continue reading Monkeyshines, Monkey Business and Monkeypox

19 Buenos Tipos Con Armas Pero Sin Cojones

It’s Memorial Day weekend 2022, and since New Year’s Day, the United States of America has averaged three mass shootings every two days. Cerise’s latest issue of The New Yorker, which arrived in her mail yesterday, opened the Talk of the Town with a Comment entitled “Gun Country.” It concerned a massacre committed by one… Continue reading 19 Buenos Tipos Con Armas Pero Sin Cojones

Hashtag #Batty Billionaire’s New Toy

My home landline telephone number is not widely known. Generally, it gets passed around very judiciously among certain members of Washington’s insider elites, accompanied by advice that calling my office is considered decidedly more preferable. Members of my immediate family have it too, however, and very occasionally, I receive a call from somebody they know.… Continue reading Hashtag #Batty Billionaire’s New Toy

Breaking Now on RT: War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom.

This afternoon, while in the middle of a consultation with an economist with a major German energy company concerning financial strategies to facilitate replacement of Nord Stream 2 with shipments of liquefied natural gas, Gretchen sent an IM to my computer screen, reading, “There’s an unbathed creep out here in the reception room who stinks… Continue reading Breaking Now on RT: War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom.

Fox Purveys Bull d’Durham

Lately, I have witnessed considerable evidence that white-tailed deer are apparently more intelligent than one would initially suppose. In the months since their widespread infection with the covid virus was ballyhooed in the media, Fairfax county bow hunters have been stalking the regional parks near my home in Great Falls, Virginia in the wee small… Continue reading Fox Purveys Bull d’Durham