Ajit Seeks to Avoid Eating Humble Pai

With inflation continuing to rise, the Federal Reserve considering an interest rate hike to do something about it, shortages of food, energy, automobiles and even microchips popping up everywhere, workers resigning from their jobs and refusing to find other ones, global supply chains ubiquitously malfunctioning, Joe Biden less popular than any other modern president, the… Continue reading Ajit Seeks to Avoid Eating Humble Pai

Ukraine Bites Nails as Russia Rattles Saber and Rocks Boat

My nine o’clock consultation today was Dr. Kolka Drystalo Lysyidiko D.Sc., Ph.D., L.LD., B.Y.O.B., the undersecretary of political affairs at the Ukrainian Embassy here in Washington DC. We have been discussing Ukraine’s relationship with Russia and the implications of Soviet economic, social and military history for the future of Eastern Europe quite some time at… Continue reading Ukraine Bites Nails as Russia Rattles Saber and Rocks Boat

Operation Chaotic Bugout

At 3:37 AM Saturday, Cerise and I were asleep in the master bedroom of my home in Great Falls, Virginia when my land line rang. She naturally suggested that I let it roll over to voice mail, but Caller ID showed a satellite phone with a number I did not recognize. Based on my previous… Continue reading Operation Chaotic Bugout

MAGA 2: Electric Boogaloo

Yesterday, I received an encrypted IM from Gretchen about scheduling a new appointment: Some guy named Mark Meadows called. Claimed he works at the White House. Sounded like a complete backwoods hick with a deep-fried redneck accent that would embarrass Larry the Cable Guy. It appears he’s what happens when southerners marry their cousins for… Continue reading MAGA 2: Electric Boogaloo

Washington Gets an Impounding Headache

My sister-in-law Katje invited herself over to my office Friday morning and camped out in the reception area chatting with Gretchen about the myriad evils of the Trump administration and regaling my paying clients about the ongoing impeachment of the President until I agreed to speak with her. As it happened, I was booked solid… Continue reading Washington Gets an Impounding Headache