McCarthy Sweats the Parliamentarian’s Dilemma

At the Potomac’s first rapids, that ephemeral border between the tidewater and the piedmont, summer has begun to fade, as do the spots on the fawns in the back yard, while their mothers’ beige fall coats replace the bright red ones they have sported since the spring. Rains drench the Virginia woods in Great Falls,… Continue reading McCarthy Sweats the Parliamentarian’s Dilemma

Long Hot Summer Snowstorm

Last Thursday was the warmest day for Planet Earth in the last one hundred and twenty-five thousand years. Friday was warmer than that, and Saturday warmer still, each day breaking the previous one’s record, and today seems well on its way to surpassing them all. The geologic period that transpired one hundred and twenty-five thousand… Continue reading Long Hot Summer Snowstorm

TikTok’s Time of Tribulation

In the nineteen fifties, disaffected, sociopathic, hormonally precocious teenagers in the United States often expressed their rebellion against the adult world by engaging in games involving various kinds of reckless driving. One such practice, favored by particularly suicidal types of what were called, at the time, “juvenile delinquents,” was known as “Chicken,” so named because… Continue reading TikTok’s Time of Tribulation

And Now, the Perfect Perp Walk

As regular readers of this Web Log know, April 1 is my birthday. And given the nature of this blog’s content, what could be more appropriate? Being the wealthiest member of the extended family to which I belong, my birthday celebrations are, of course, not like most folk’s – after all, what do you get… Continue reading And Now, the Perfect Perp Walk

House Committee Weaponizes Investigative Weaponization of Investigations

Saturday, March 11, 2023 was the third anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of a global covid virus pandemic. Since then, according to the Department of Health and Humans Services Centers for Disease Control, the covid virus has infected 103,672,529 individual human beings in the United States. According to the latest information available from… Continue reading House Committee Weaponizes Investigative Weaponization of Investigations