A Kennedy Off-Center Visit

As the Memorial Day weekend hails the start of summer in America (yes, the Rest of the World, I know summer actually begins in June in the Northern Hemisphere, but the last weekend in May is when we Yanks traditionally get our first beach sunburns and barbecue heartburns of the year) those of us not… Continue reading A Kennedy Off-Center Visit

Breaking News: Carlson Gets Tucked

As Beltane arrives here in the Washington suburbs, the honeysuckle and feral azaleas bloom and the deer in my back yard retreat into the protective, enveloping Virginia woods to drop their fawns, forsaking the sugar beets and carrots I have the lawn service put out for them to nibble. Meanwhile, everyone in America wonders if… Continue reading Breaking News: Carlson Gets Tucked

A Confederacy of Dittoheads Waves the Stars and Bars

Cerise and I were enjoying breakfast in bed Sunday morning when the caller ID displayed a familiar number which, nevertheless, had not appeared there for quite a while – it was the mobile phone number of my dear brother-in-law, Hank. As regular readers of this Web log know, Hank ran off to West Virginia with… Continue reading A Confederacy of Dittoheads Waves the Stars and Bars