Feb 152021

Last Saturday, as I inevitably predicted in my previous post, forty-three Republican senators voted to acquit former president Donald John Trump of inciting the January 6 insurrection against the United States of America. Their motivations ranged from a jurisdictional argument, espoused after the trial by Senate Minority Leader and Obama-hating Kentucky redneck Mitch McConnell, which held that according to a convoluted hermeneutic analysis of the Constitution, Trump could not be tried by the Senate for his high crimes and misdemeanors after leaving his office as President, despite having been impeached by the House while still there; to the Chuck-You-Farley attitude of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, an unabashed social Darwinist, who evidently wishes that Trump had, in fact, taken over the […]

Jan 252021

On January 6, 2021, the United States of America shocked and amazed many idealistic people everywhere by suddenly appearing to be revealed as nothing more than a very large banana republic, afflicted with its very own star-spangled version of Juan Perón, braying and boasting, exhorting his followers to overthrow the national government and proclaim him Fearless Leader and Dictator for Life. Fortunately, Lady Luck intervened, saving Dame Liberty, if not from rape, at least from a protracted, brutal and sloppy gang-bang that violated her ever orifice, at the hands of a mob comprising a cross-section of the demented, the misguided, the ignorant, the moronic and the hopelessly bigoted segment of American society that call themselves the supporters of Donald John […]

Jan 052021

After the long New Years weekend, 2021 started off with a typical consultation schedule, working from my home in Great Falls, Virginia during the covid-19 pandemic. I was four Zoom, two Face Time, and three MS Teams meetings into the work week on Monday, and it was approaching 6:00 PM when I had my final remote encounter, this time over WebEx – a consultation with Dr. A. Harry Priapus MS, PhD, BYOB, Director, Penetration Division, at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. I will give him credit – for a person in his position, he maintained his composure pretty well at first, calmly discussing the technical ramifications and policy implications of recent adverse events in the disciplines of US government […]

Dec 062020

I firmly believe that, regardless of the prevailing circumstances, a good eggnog is essential for the holiday season. The ingredients of the best recipe, IMHO, consist of organic, grass-fed fainting goat heavy cream, the separated yolks of free-range quail eggs, toasted Zanzibar coconut sugar, true Ceylon cinnamon, fennel pollen, ground Tahitian vanilla beans, Ramlösa mineral water extract of French saffron, powdered Cypriot mahlab, and ground Kerala Malabar mace (instead of nutmeg), combined with a respectable amount of Martell XO cognac. After mixing everything, I usually also beat the separated egg whites into stiff peaks and then fold them into the liquid. Of course, for various reasons, not everybody can obtain those ingredients, but fortunately, there are many, many quite acceptable […]

Nov 162020

As I pointed out in a recent previous Web log post, the 2020 national election campaign was just another release in the ongoing US Civil War that has been festering here since 1790. As he promised, President Trump immediately claimed victory the night of November 3, then, just as predictably, threw a tantrum that would embarrass a two year old toddler on November 7 when the Associated Press, which has been calling presidential elections since the middle of the nineteenth century, called this one for Joe Biden. Key screaming points of that tantrum included claims that: (1) There is a vast conspiracy to rig the election results; (2) The election was, as result of that conspiracy, rife with massive voter […]