Atlas Twerked: Who is Perry Johnson?

The island of Maui used to be the most stylish, hippest and upscale spot in the state of Hawaii, world famous for its glittering tropical beaches, verdant floral jungles, pristine coral reefs, spectacular wildlife, magnificent vistas and sparkling, rainbow-crowned waterfalls. It was a favorite haunt of celebrities, rock stars and tech billionaires. Accommodations for ordinary… Continue reading Atlas Twerked: Who is Perry Johnson?

A Taste of Salameh’s Baloney

Since my last post, things have gotten hotter still, all across the USA. How hot is it? Hot enough in Arizona to dry out a forest of hundred year old desert cactus. Hot enough in Southern California to give a third-degree burn to anyone touching the metal knob on an exterior door. Hot enough in… Continue reading A Taste of Salameh’s Baloney

Mene, Mene, Tekel Putin

Titianna “Suzy” Sukovski is a commerce attaché at the Russian Embassy here in Washington, specializing in foodstuffs, principally caviar, as she represents the interests of Ryva Yaytso Prodavets Zagovor, the Russian caviar exporters’ association, which funds her post and pays the invoices for her appointments with me. She has been exploring strategies to get the… Continue reading Mene, Mene, Tekel Putin

TikTok’s Time of Tribulation

In the nineteen fifties, disaffected, sociopathic, hormonally precocious teenagers in the United States often expressed their rebellion against the adult world by engaging in games involving various kinds of reckless driving. One such practice, favored by particularly suicidal types of what were called, at the time, “juvenile delinquents,” was known as “Chicken,” so named because… Continue reading TikTok’s Time of Tribulation

Timothy’s Tragic Tale of a Terrible Toxic Trainwreck in Trumpland

Monday, February 20, the United States of America celebrated what is widely known as President’s Day, one of what are now, with the addition of Juneteenth, eleven federal national holidays. Legally, though, the holiday is named “Washington’s Birthday,” as clearly specified in section 6103(a) of Title 5 of the United States Code. That law does,… Continue reading Timothy’s Tragic Tale of a Terrible Toxic Trainwreck in Trumpland