A Taste of Salameh’s Baloney

Since my last post, things have gotten hotter still, all across the USA. How hot is it? Hot enough in Arizona to dry out a forest of hundred year old desert cactus. Hot enough in Southern California to give a third-degree burn to anyone touching the metal knob on an exterior door. Hot enough in… Continue reading A Taste of Salameh’s Baloney

Ron DeSantis Ponders Aping his Superhero

As the 117th Congress ends its lame duck session and prepares to limp, like Old Father Time at New Years, into the labyrinthine hall of mirrors that is history, the January 6 Committee prepares for its most significant vote, one that, in order to ratify its underlying action, must be unanimous; the issue under consideration… Continue reading Ron DeSantis Ponders Aping his Superhero

Hashtag #Batty Billionaire’s New Toy

My home landline telephone number is not widely known. Generally, it gets passed around very judiciously among certain members of Washington’s insider elites, accompanied by advice that calling my office is considered decidedly more preferable. Members of my immediate family have it too, however, and very occasionally, I receive a call from somebody they know.… Continue reading Hashtag #Batty Billionaire’s New Toy

Ajit Seeks to Avoid Eating Humble Pai

With inflation continuing to rise, the Federal Reserve considering an interest rate hike to do something about it, shortages of food, energy, automobiles and even microchips popping up everywhere, workers resigning from their jobs and refusing to find other ones, global supply chains ubiquitously malfunctioning, Joe Biden less popular than any other modern president, the… Continue reading Ajit Seeks to Avoid Eating Humble Pai

Vaccine Hesitancy Goes Off the Deep End

The seventh day of spring here in Washington looked glorious – and at sixty-nine degrees Fahrenheit, it certainly felt that way, too. Arising around ten at my home in Great Falls, Virginia, Cerise and I took a late brunch of fresh fruit crepes, mesclun and charcuterie indoors and then ensconced ourselves on the backyard deck… Continue reading Vaccine Hesitancy Goes Off the Deep End