A Kennedy Off-Center Visit

As the Memorial Day weekend hails the start of summer in America (yes, the Rest of the World, I know summer actually begins in June in the Northern Hemisphere, but the last weekend in May is when we Yanks traditionally get our first beach sunburns and barbecue heartburns of the year) those of us not… Continue reading A Kennedy Off-Center Visit

Trigger-happy Cowgirl Shoots Self in Foot

During the late Upper Pleistocene Age, between thirty and forty thousand years ago, two predator species developed a synergistic relationship. The first was a now-extinct ancestor of the grey wolf, the other the ancestors of modern Homo Sapiens, a species who have yet to become extinct but are nevertheless diligently working on it. There were… Continue reading Trigger-happy Cowgirl Shoots Self in Foot

Law and Order MAGA

Shortly after eleven on the morning of April 15, while I was in a meeting with a Kenyan diplomat, Gretchen sent me a DM that popped up on my workstation monitor. “A Mr. Daniello Finocchiona from Mulberry Street, who says he is your sister Rose’s maid of honor’s cousin’s boyfriend, has requested one of your… Continue reading Law and Order MAGA

New York State Fine for Business Fraud, Bigly!

When the first Soviet-era tanks rolled across the border on February 24, 2022, the consensus in every world capital except Kiev was that the Russian invasion, carried on the orders of the murderous, deranged, criminal dictator Vladimir Putin, would be over in two weeks. The Ukrainians, having just recently replaced their bogus, corrupt Russian puppet… Continue reading New York State Fine for Business Fraud, Bigly!

Dueling Dotards

Throughout the history of civilization, great nations have risen and fallen, most often, according to the commonly accepted wisdom, by rotting from the inside out; usually, it seems, because of some virtue that proves, in the manner of Greek tragedy, to be a fatal flaw. While that may not be true in every case (the… Continue reading Dueling Dotards