Melania’s Handmaiden’s Tale

When I was just a young lad, earnestly studying history, economics, science, and politics I witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany, the liberation of the Eastern Bloc and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union. Reflecting on this, I realized why these events were inevitable – communism was always doomed… Continue reading Melania’s Handmaiden’s Tale

Bang Bang Donald’s Silver Hammer Came Down Upon His Head

Who needs a consultant? I know there are at least two ways to interpret that question, and I am going to assume that readers of this Web Log might be wondering about the answer that would consist of a list of the types of individuals who prevail upon the likes of Yours Truly for analyses,… Continue reading Bang Bang Donald’s Silver Hammer Came Down Upon His Head

The Hunter Games

Starting last Thursday, Gretchen kept getting calls from Hunter Biden, requesting a consultation. As it happens, Hunter is on my list of people who have to pay up front – there are plenty of good reasons for not waiting for Hunter Biden to pay a bill. The first time he called, he told her he… Continue reading The Hunter Games

Queasy is the Head that Wears a Crown

Most historians agree that the first king of England was a fellow named Aethelstan, who got the title in the year 927. Whatever it meant to be English in the tenth century, he certainly wasn’t a Briton. No, Britons, the people the Romans conquered when they invaded the island, were Celtic, spoke a Celtic language… Continue reading Queasy is the Head that Wears a Crown

Walker Goes Long, Deep and Weird

It’s not particularly common for a professional athlete to end up on Capitol Hill, but it has happened, no doubt about that. In the House, Representative Anthony Gonzalez was a wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, Representative Colin Allred was a linebacker with the Tennessee Titans, Representative Jack Kemp was the quarterback of the Buffalo… Continue reading Walker Goes Long, Deep and Weird