Dueling Dotards

Throughout the history of civilization, great nations have risen and fallen, most often, according to the commonly accepted wisdom, by rotting from the inside out; usually, it seems, because of some virtue that proves, in the manner of Greek tragedy, to be a fatal flaw. While that may not be true in every case (the… Continue reading Dueling Dotards

Supreme Irony

As the New Year dawns, America girds its loins for its most crucial national election since 1864, when Abraham “Rail Splitter” Lincoln ran against his former Commanding General of the Army, George B. “Fuss and Feathers” McClellan. The major issue then was, of course, America’s Original Sin, racism, embodied at the time in a fratricidal… Continue reading Supreme Irony

The Donald Went Down to Georgia

After work last Thursday evening, I arrived at my home in Great Falls, Virginia around eight, poured myself three fingers of Glenmorangie 21 on some Icelandic glacier shards and settled down on the couch to relax listening to a rare direct-to-disk recording of Bernstein conducting the Vienna Philharmonic in a performance of Mahler’s Eighth Symphony… Continue reading The Donald Went Down to Georgia

And Now, the Perfect Perp Walk

As regular readers of this Web Log know, April 1 is my birthday. And given the nature of this blog’s content, what could be more appropriate? Being the wealthiest member of the extended family to which I belong, my birthday celebrations are, of course, not like most folk’s – after all, what do you get… Continue reading And Now, the Perfect Perp Walk

GOP Trumpsters Contemplate Orange as the New Black

Omicron having driven most of my clientele back into their little Zoom boxes, Gretchen rescheduled the remainder of the consultations to be held during the month of January in my downtown Washington DC office for Mondays and Wednesdays. Even then, there are significant gaps in those days which she has been filling with remote sessions… Continue reading GOP Trumpsters Contemplate Orange as the New Black