Supreme Irony

As the New Year dawns, America girds its loins for its most crucial national election since 1864, when Abraham “Rail Splitter” Lincoln ran against his former Commanding General of the Army, George B. “Fuss and Feathers” McClellan. The major issue then was, of course, America’s Original Sin, racism, embodied at the time in a fratricidal… Continue reading Supreme Irony

Verrrrry Interesting…. But Not Legal!

In Anglophone countries it is said that there is an ancient Chinese curse, customarily related as “May you live in interesting times.” Like many things commonly believed in many societies, and like many aphorisms believed to be of a reputed origin in many languages, there is no actual evidence to support such an assertion. No… Continue reading Verrrrry Interesting…. But Not Legal!

Media Matter Mess Attracts a Mercenary Muse

Cerise is out of town on business this weekend, and Twinkle is staying overnight at the vet, leaving me, so I thought, alone for the day.  What’s more, I am completely caught up on my work, too.  Therefore, I figured I’d relax on the sofa at home with the latest editions of Harpers, the Atlantic… Continue reading Media Matter Mess Attracts a Mercenary Muse