Supreme Irony

As the New Year dawns, America girds its loins for its most crucial national election since 1864, when Abraham “Rail Splitter” Lincoln ran against his former Commanding General of the Army, George B. “Fuss and Feathers” McClellan. The major issue then was, of course, America’s Original Sin, racism, embodied at the time in a fratricidal… Continue reading Supreme Irony

The Donald Went Down to Georgia

After work last Thursday evening, I arrived at my home in Great Falls, Virginia around eight, poured myself three fingers of Glenmorangie 21 on some Icelandic glacier shards and settled down on the couch to relax listening to a rare direct-to-disk recording of Bernstein conducting the Vienna Philharmonic in a performance of Mahler’s Eighth Symphony… Continue reading The Donald Went Down to Georgia

Hot Seat Chaps Scavino’s Kiester

As the end of of this month draws near, so approaches what I like to call the beginning of SuperNewHallowGivingMas, that extended period between the thirty-first of October and Super Bowl Sunday, where a plethora of festive occasions and holidays jostle one another, jammed into the calendar cheek by jowl, like shoppers at a Macy’s… Continue reading Hot Seat Chaps Scavino’s Kiester