Long Hot Summer Snowstorm

Last Thursday was the warmest day for Planet Earth in the last one hundred and twenty-five thousand years. Friday was warmer than that, and Saturday warmer still, each day breaking the previous one’s record, and today seems well on its way to surpassing them all. The geologic period that transpired one hundred and twenty-five thousand… Continue reading Long Hot Summer Snowstorm

Up, Up and Away in Xi’s Beautiful Balloon

Another working Saturday for Gretchen and me, although she, having completed her administrative duties and all of my consultation bookings in jig time, only needed to stay through noon. She got paid for the whole day, of course. I, on the other hand, had to remain in the office until six-thirty, dispensing advice to all… Continue reading Up, Up and Away in Xi’s Beautiful Balloon

Ukraine Bites Nails as Russia Rattles Saber and Rocks Boat

My nine o’clock consultation today was Dr. Kolka Drystalo Lysyidiko D.Sc., Ph.D., L.LD., B.Y.O.B., the undersecretary of political affairs at the Ukrainian Embassy here in Washington DC. We have been discussing Ukraine’s relationship with Russia and the implications of Soviet economic, social and military history for the future of Eastern Europe quite some time at… Continue reading Ukraine Bites Nails as Russia Rattles Saber and Rocks Boat

Operation Chaotic Bugout

At 3:37 AM Saturday, Cerise and I were asleep in the master bedroom of my home in Great Falls, Virginia when my land line rang. She naturally suggested that I let it roll over to voice mail, but Caller ID showed a satellite phone with a number I did not recognize. Based on my previous… Continue reading Operation Chaotic Bugout

Moronic Middle-aged Cyber Ninja Turkeys

There are about three weeks in the summer and three weeks in the fall where the weather in Washington DC is comparable to the best anywhere. The rest of the year is dicey, to say the least – the difference, for example, between Hell and Washington DC in the summer is primarily that Hell has… Continue reading Moronic Middle-aged Cyber Ninja Turkeys