Joe Biden’s Secret Dilemma

Today was a federal holiday, but that didn’t stop White House staffer Ximena Nkwame Fong-Biswas-Sanchez from visiting my office for an urgently booked consultation. She practically leapt into the chair directly in front of my desk, scooted up close, pulled out a government laptop, opened it with an air of grim determination on the edge,… Continue reading Joe Biden’s Secret Dilemma

The Hunter Games

Starting last Thursday, Gretchen kept getting calls from Hunter Biden, requesting a consultation. As it happens, Hunter is on my list of people who have to pay up front – there are plenty of good reasons for not waiting for Hunter Biden to pay a bill. The first time he called, he told her he… Continue reading The Hunter Games

Inflation’s Hot, So Bitcoin’s Not

Speaking of Hell, as I was at the end of the previous post, the difference between Hell and Washington DC in the summer has always been that Hell has dry heat. So, I would point out that all those folks elsewhere in the United States who think the people in Washington should go to Hell… Continue reading Inflation’s Hot, So Bitcoin’s Not

Ars Gratia Artis – at Half a Million Dollars a Pop

Looks like my misgivings about the Delta variant were, unfortunately, well-founded, and over the last three weeks, my continued preference for working from my home office in Great Falls, Virginia has proved as prudent as I originally suspected it would be. Although actually, since I own my office suite in downtown Washington DC, I have… Continue reading Ars Gratia Artis – at Half a Million Dollars a Pop

Sleepy Joe Wakes Up and Smells the Scandal

This week, Washington dodged what might have been about two and one half feet of snow, getting about two and three quarter inches of rain instead. The last time DC got the amount of precipitation which, if frozen, the last few of days worth of rain would comprise, was ten years ago, and the storm… Continue reading Sleepy Joe Wakes Up and Smells the Scandal