Departmental Drones Do Davos, Draft Dollarific Document Deal

It’s only a short walk to my office on Constitution Avenue from the Commerce Department, so it was hardly more than a brief bit of exercise in the passably fresh air of Washington in January, but Bixby looked exhausted anyway. “Tom, the Interagency Working Group on International Economics needs to buy some of your time… Continue reading Departmental Drones Do Davos, Draft Dollarific Document Deal

All Strung Out

Should you ever journey past CIA Headquarters, driving from US Route 495 down the George Washington Parkway in the direction of Roosevelt Island, there is an exit not far after  the CIA which leads to Chain Bridge Road.  Make a left, as it were, by making a right onto the cloverleaf, and cross back over… Continue reading All Strung Out

Requiem for Channel 92

Since I seriously doubt anyone else will, I here duly note the passing of Public Access Channel 92 in Montgomery County, Maryland.  It wasn’t around long, and probably suffered from the cable company’s benign neglect – they never, for example, put it in their cable guide channel listings.  Nevertheless, Channel 92 offered, I am told,… Continue reading Requiem for Channel 92