Beauty is in the Wallet of the Stockholder

Shortly before Christmas, as you, dear reader, may have heard, another beauty pageant scandal rocked the nation. I must say that I have always felt sorry for beauty pageant contestants, whether driven by their own warped, childish desires and tastes, or the warped, childish desires and tastes of their parents.  In either case, their lives… Continue reading Beauty is in the Wallet of the Stockholder

Advice for Incoming Class Members

There is no native criminal class except Congress. – Mark Twain   The calls have been incessant again, just as they are after every election.  There’s no way that the legendary Tom Collins can escape a torrent of fumbling attempts at inquiries from obviously green staffers whose last position consisted of posting more yard signs than the… Continue reading Advice for Incoming Class Members

Lightning Reflexes

That sure didn’t take very long.  Less than two hours after I posted my very first blog entry, the trusty POTS land line rang the unlisted number at my modest thirty-room home in Great Falls, Virginia.  It was Morton, a fellow who, when I first met him some years ago, earned an honest living as… Continue reading Lightning Reflexes

At Last, by Popular Demand

Well, here it is – Tom Collins’ blog. I now officially owe my old business partner from San Francisco dinner at a five-star restaurant in Tuscany, my cousin in Manhattan a case of Dom Perignon, and my private secretary a week off with pay in Martinique with seaside rooms for two.  Yes, because those are… Continue reading At Last, by Popular Demand