The Boy Who Lied Wolf

As frequent readers of this Web log know, my birthday is on April 1. Although a lot of people regularly take their birthday off from work, I have only done that a couple of times, and last Friday wasn’t one of them – I was way too busy, with consultations booked starting at 7:30 in… Continue reading The Boy Who Lied Wolf

I Spy a Peeping Rabbi

My very last consultation last Friday was with Rabbi Mordechi Dovid Slivovitz of Silver Spring, Maryland, recently elected President of the Modern Orthodox Rabbinical Organization National and International Council. Frankly, I’ve never seen him so upset. “Oy vey ist mir,” he wailed as he plunked his ample, ovoid frame down on the couch with an… Continue reading I Spy a Peeping Rabbi

Former DNC CEO too Pathetically Naive to be Guilty

Today, Cerise and I attended a memorial service for the great-grandmother of Cerise’s graduate school thesis advisor, with whom she afterward became a close friend.  Consequently, being almost like family, Cerise merited an invitation to great granny’s farewell, and I, being Cerise’s Significant Other, could not refuse to accompany Cerise to the ceremony.  The occasion itself being a remembrance… Continue reading Former DNC CEO too Pathetically Naive to be Guilty